What kinds of projects are done at CSR?

CSR has conducted a wide range of projects. We have worked on behalf of academic researchers, government agencies, private foundations, businesses, and non-profit organizations.

CSR is experienced with an array of contact modes:

  • Telephone interviewing (with WinCATI)
  • Mail-out survey and contact services
  • Web-based data collection
  • In-person interviewing

CSR has recently purchased Quatlrics which allows for the creation and implementation of sophisticated, user friendly online surveys. Qualtrics can be used to schedule both reminder and thank-you emails based on completion of the survey.

What services does CSR provide?
CSR is a full-service research facility. We offer customized project design, professional interviewing, and data collection using the latest survey technologies, as well as data analysis and report preparation.

How much does it cost to do a survey?
CSR's rates are competitive with other academic and commercial survey organizations. Project costs can vary widely depending on factors such as the scope of services you require, the survey methodology used, the number of respondents, the nature of the sample, etc. Costs can range anywhere from $5,000 to $150,000. So while typical projects have been in the $20,000 to $50,000 range, we have also done smaller and larger projects. We invite you to contact one of our senior staff to discuss the scope of your project and factors that govern cost.

What's the best way to collect data for my project?
CSR can advise you on the most productive and cost-effective method for collecting your data: telephone, mail, electronically, or in-person. CSR ensures scientific validity of your study by helping specify procedures for selecting respondents within households, securing cooperation, and following up incomplete interviews or questionnaires.

Who writes the questions for my survey?
CSR can write the question for you or can assist you in writing your own. We will help you determine the best question formats to measure people's opinions, experiences, attitudes, and behaviors. We can advise you on the proper sequencing of items, a critical design feature for maintaining objectivity and ensuring that respondents understand your questions.

Can I get a copy of one of your old reports?
Most are available for a nominal fee. Contact Ila Crawford for details and specific costs.

Custom Project Design

We will help you clarify your study objectives and advise you on how to get the most research value from available resources.

Data Collection

We specialize in the use of Computer-Assisted Telephone Interviewing and Personal Interviewing.

How We Collect Useful Data

CSR prepares statistical analyses and reports of survey results ranging from simple tabulations to authoritative, in-depth narrative reports.


Search Completed Projects

PWC Citizen Satisfaction 2009

Annual Citizen Satisfaction Survey for Prince William County VA was based on a dual-frame sample that included Random Digit Dialing of landline phones and cell phones. The survey included new questions introduced in 2008 to track changes related to the County's illegal immigration enforcement policy. This year's results showed significant increases in many satisfaction items.

Aid & Application Awareness study 09

The goal of this survey was to replicate a set of surveys done in 2007 and 2008 which gathered information about how high school seniors and their families make choices about college. The surveys were focused particularly on financial concerns or limitations. The Center for Survey Research (CSR) was contracted by the researchers (Sarah Turner Professor of Economics & Education at the University of Virginia and Christopher Avery Professor of Public Policy at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University) to conduct the survey and collect the data. Although many of the same questions were asked this year’s protocol did differ significantly from the 2007/2008 survey design; most notably the survey was only administered to students and only in the spring. Because many high school seniors could still be under eighteen years old when they were first recruited for the survey parental consent was required before they could be contacted. Responses were collected via the Internet and on paper forms.

CRA-W (Computing Education Evaluation)

The goal of this web survey was to evaluate the effect of programs sponsored by Computing Research Associates that promote careers in computing research fields for women and minorities and that provide support to students who seek to pursue careers in these fields. A total of 412 students from a national sample of students who had graduated from an undergraduate program in computing completed the on-line questionnaire. The study found significant positive differences between those who participated in CRA programs compared to others.

VDEM Survey on Emergency Preparedness National Capital Region

: Telephone survey of randomly contacted residents of Washington DC and the areas of Virginia and Maryland considered to be part of the National Capital Region. Contact was made by listed sample RDD and cell phone. The project was a collaborative effort among the emergency management agencies of DC and its five surrounding states (Virginia Maryland Delaware Pennsylvania and West Virginia.) The survey gathered information on people’s preparedness trust in information sources special needs likely evacuation destinations and routes and other information needed by the emergency management agencies to prepare their plans for a possible man-made emergency in the area. A full report was prepared in addition to multiple presentations for stakeholders and emergency planners and responders.

BioX NSF Proposal 2008

CSR assisted faculty researchers and SJSU and UVA to analyze a student survey and student assessment instrument. The purpose was to evalute the impact of a curriculum intervention regarding teaching MEB (Material and Energy Balance) in chemical engineering courses. Students at six colleges participated: SJSU Iowa St. University of Tennessee Lafayette UMBC and Texas A&M.

PWC CS_2008 Supplement

This brief report is a supplement to the 2008 Prince William County Citizen Satisfaction Survey. For the present analysis the complete 2008 dataset was divided into 3 sub-datasets: RDD & targeted listed (the original landline design); RDD & Targeted Listed & General Listed (the modified landline design); and RDD & Targeted Listed & General Listed & Cell-Phone (the new design). With regards to the results analysis of the different 2008 sub-datasets indicates no clear direction of the impact of change in design. The results were mixed as some items showed significant increase in satisfaction ratings while other showed significant decrease in satisfaction ratings depending on which designs are used to compare the years.

Danville Civic Renewal Initiative Survey of Social Capital

A telephone study of residents in the Danville Metropolitan Statistical Region to assess the level of social capital in the region. The study measured how people feel about the region and the future of the area and how people’s feelings affect their behavior. The study seeks to identify the cultural and social factors that are changing in the area and ways the Danville Regional Foundation can address those needs.

HPV vaccine panel study

This panel study of barriers to access to the HPV vaccine and how they can be overcome was based on a sample of caregivers of girls eligible for the vaccine (11-12 yrears old) that was obtained from physician records at UVA's Medical Center. Three waves of girls representing all eligible girls in the three months prior to data collection were contacted. This allowed sufficient numbers in the sample for analysis.

Uva HR Gallup 12 survey

This online survey was designed to determine HR directors' opinions about their peers and Vice President for Human Resources. The survey included the Gallup 12 questions leadership top ten values and comments about each director strength and areas of improvement. CSR collected and analyzed the data.

Charlottesville Employees Survey 2010

Web and mail survey designed to assess employees’ satisfaction with their work environment and give employees an opportunity to contribute their ideas and opinions to help make the City of Charlottesville a better place to work. CSR had previously conducted a similar survey for the City in 2006. The survey was conducted from June 2 to July 23 2010. List of all full and part-time city employees supplied by the client. Of the 903 employees invited to do the survey 389 completed the survey by web and 120 completed the survey on paper. A total of 509 employees participated overall which is a 56% response rate.

Albemarle County Citizen Survey 2008

Third biennial survey of 700 Albemarle County residents focuses on satisfaction with County services and the relative importance of those services. Trends from year to year are analyzed and emerging issues explored. This year the traditional RDD sample of residents was supplemented with cell phone numbers and those listed in a telephone directory.

Darden School First and Second Year Surveys

Since 2001 CSR has condcuted data analysis of First Year and Second Year student surveys for the Darden School. The analysis includes mean ratings and crosstabulations by demographic variable by year and comparisons across years..

AASRO Support

CSR programming staff created a relational database in Access to track membership and participant information for AASRO at the individual and organizational level. (AASRO is an association of organizations not individuals.) CSR also designed ballot materials and carried out the logistics for AASRO's first election of officers in January 2009.
Project ID Title Principal Investigators
7.22 Aid and Application Awareness 2008 Tom Guterbock
7.21 PWC Citizen Satisfaction Survey 2008 Tom Guterbock
7.20 Civil Commitment Study Tom Guterbock
7.19 Student Health--ALC Norming Survey '03 Abdoulaye Diop
7.18 Need Assessment for Adult Autism Care James Ellis
7.17 Reston Community Center Robin Bebel
7.16 Albemarle County Focus Group Tom Guterbock
7.15 UVA Law School Class of 1990 Tom Guterbock
7.13 HR Restructuring (VT) Tom Guterbock
7.12 HR Restructuring (UVA) Tom Guterbock
7.11 Breast Cancer Doctor-Patient Concurrence Deborah Rexrode
7.10 Virginia Institute of Autism (VIA) - Service Providers James Ellis
7.09 Center for Politics Message Testing Tom Guterbock
7.08 Fairfax County Department of Family Services Tom Guterbock
7.07 Environmental Triggers for Asthma in Adults and Children Robin Bebel
7.03 Virginia HPV Vaccine Uptake Survey Tom Guterbock
7.02 Interquest Multi-function Printers Tom Guterbock
6.031 UVa Investment Management Tom Guterbock
6.029 Spotsylvania County 06 Kate Wood
6.028 Spotsylvania County citizen satisfaction survey 2007 Tom Guterbock
6.027 Williamsburg Access to Medical Care Tom Guterbock
6.025 HR Restructuring Survey 06 Tom Guterbock
6.024 Durham 2007 Tom Guterbock
6.022 Fluvanna Co. Tom Guterbock
6.020 Winchester Area Labor Force Study Robin Bebel
6.017 DMC/DSMB (Data Safety Monitoring Board Study Robin Bebel
6.016 Virginia Business Climate Survey--Council on Virginia's Future Tom Guterbock
6.014 Voting in Virginia Long-Term Care (LTC) Facilities Tom Guterbock
6.010 Charlottesville Employees Tom Guterbock
6.007 C-TPAT - ViaTech Systems Tom Guterbock
6.004 Rockville Internal Satisfaction Survey Robin Bebel
6.003 PWC Citizen Satisfaction 2006 Tom Guterbock
6.002 West Philadelphia Community Health Priorities Survey Robin Bebel
6.001 Albemarle County Citizen Satisfaction 2006 Tom Guterbock
5.033 American Medical Student Association (AMSA) - NPCW 2005 Tom Guterbock
5.032 DMV Customer Satisfaction 2006 David Hartman
5.031 Strayer VYTP Smoking Cessation Robin Bebel
5.030 PWC Organizational Survey 2006 Tom Guterbock
5.029 UVA Honor Survey for Faculty Tom Guterbock
5.028 Center for Politics - 2005 Governor's Race Tom Guterbock
5.027 Spotsylvania County Citizen Satisfaction 2005 Tom Guterbock
5.026 Charlottesville Planning Needs 2006 Tom Guterbock
5.025 TNE - Semi-structured Ivs Tom Guterbock
5.024 Albemarle County Leverage Analysis Tom Guterbock
5.023 VITA Customer Satisfaction Survey David Hartman
5.022 Schwenzer - Moral Distress Tom Guterbock
5.020 UVA Cancer Center CIM - Patients/Family Tom Guterbock
5.018 Fairfax DFS Client Satisfaction Survey David Hartman
5.017 UVA Economic Impact Analysis Deborah Rexrode
5.016 PWC Organizational Survey 2005 (Employee Satisfaction) Tom Guterbock