What kinds of projects are done at CSR?

CSR has conducted a wide range of projects. We have worked on behalf of academic researchers, government agencies, private foundations, businesses, and non-profit organizations.

CSR is experienced with an array of contact modes:

  • Telephone interviewing (with WinCATI)
  • Mail-out survey and contact services
  • Web-based data collection
  • In-person interviewing

CSR has recently purchased Quatlrics which allows for the creation and implementation of sophisticated, user friendly online surveys. Qualtrics can be used to schedule both reminder and thank-you emails based on completion of the survey.

What services does CSR provide?
CSR is a full-service research facility. We offer customized project design, professional interviewing, and data collection using the latest survey technologies, as well as data analysis and report preparation.

How much does it cost to do a survey?
CSR's rates are competitive with other academic and commercial survey organizations. Project costs can vary widely depending on factors such as the scope of services you require, the survey methodology used, the number of respondents, the nature of the sample, etc. Costs can range anywhere from $5,000 to $150,000. So while typical projects have been in the $20,000 to $50,000 range, we have also done smaller and larger projects. We invite you to contact one of our senior staff to discuss the scope of your project and factors that govern cost.

What's the best way to collect data for my project?
CSR can advise you on the most productive and cost-effective method for collecting your data: telephone, mail, electronically, or in-person. CSR ensures scientific validity of your study by helping specify procedures for selecting respondents within households, securing cooperation, and following up incomplete interviews or questionnaires.

Who writes the questions for my survey?
CSR can write the question for you or can assist you in writing your own. We will help you determine the best question formats to measure people's opinions, experiences, attitudes, and behaviors. We can advise you on the proper sequencing of items, a critical design feature for maintaining objectivity and ensuring that respondents understand your questions.

Can I get a copy of one of your old reports?
Most are available for a nominal fee. Contact Ila Crawford for details and specific costs.

Custom Project Design

We will help you clarify your study objectives and advise you on how to get the most research value from available resources.

Data Collection

We specialize in the use of Computer-Assisted Telephone Interviewing and Personal Interviewing.

How We Collect Useful Data

CSR prepares statistical analyses and reports of survey results ranging from simple tabulations to authoritative, in-depth narrative reports.


Search Completed Projects

PWC Immigration Policing Main Project

In collaboration with the Police Executive Research Forum CSR completed a comprehensive two year multi-method evaluation of the illegal immigration policy adopted in 2007 by Prince William County Va. The study resulted in an interim report in 2009 and a final report released in November 2010. Data from annual citizen surveys of the County were supplemented by police data key informant interviews and supplementary semi-structured interviews with residents and community leaders.

WCPS08: Washington County Triennial School Census

CSR staff consulted to SERL-VCU to support the 2008 Washington County Triennial School Census. Activities included advice on Access database structure SPSS analysis to produce census counts and written technical notes on the process.

UVA Health Services Foundation - 2008 Employee Engagement Survey

Since 2006 the University of Virginia Health Services Foundation has conducted an Employee Engagement Survey. This survey which is based on the Q12 questions developed by the Gallup Research Group is directed to all HSF employees including Directors Managers Supervisors Health Care providers and all Other General Staff. Every year HSF commissions CSR to analyze its Employee Engagement survey data and to present a summary report of the findings.

UVa NHTS -- Uva-Specific Travel Survey of Students for VDOT

As part of the 2009 Virginia add-on to the National Household Travel Survey (NHTS) Virginia Department of Transportation asked CSR to administer the NHTS instrument to U.Va. Students. U.Va. Worked in conjunction with researchers at VCU ODU and Virginia Tech to convert the original telephone instrument to a web survey. The travel diary and study protocol was customized to a University setting. Students (n=1003 at U.Va.) provided trip diary information for randomly pre-assigned travel days allowing analysis of origin destination data. The data will allow transportation modelers to improve transportation models for the college-age population that is normally under-represented in the NHTS in University communities.

Rockville MD 08

The third iteration of a survey to assess the level of satisfaction of Rockville employees with the internal services offered to them by the various departments of the City government. The original instrument was designed with CSR guidance; it has since been editted and is now distributed anonymously by Rockville City staff and returned in sealed envelopes that are sent to CSR for data entry analysis and reporting.

C-TPAT 2009

): U.S. Customs and Border Protection Department of Homeland Security asked the Center for Survey Research at the University of Virginia to conduct a cost-benefit survey of C-TPAT partners. ViaTech Systems Inc. issued a purchase order establishing the Center for Survey Research as a subcontractor to conduct the requested surveys. The first survey was designed to assess overall satisfaction with the C-TPAT program. The second survey included more details regarding implementation and benefits. The final survey was designed to be a cost analysis survey.

RPSCensus08: VCU Triennial School Censuses - Richmond

CSR staff consulted to SERL-VCU to support the 2008 Richmond City Triennial School Census. Activities included advice on Access database structure SPSS analysis to produce census counts and written technical notes on the process.

CPSCensus08: VCU Triennial School Censuses-Chesterfield

CSR staff consulted to SERL-VCU to support the 2008 Chesterfield County Triennial School Census. Activities included advice on Access database structure SPSS analysis to produce census counts and written technical notes on the process.

Groundhog Day Survey 2008

CSR created a web-based version of an instructional survey exercise for use in Prof. Guterbock's Spring 2008 undergraduate research methods class. The web-based tool was used by students in the class to enter data from interviews they conducted concerning people's awareness and beliefs about Groundhog Day.

PWC Police evaluation on immigration enforcement - Design Phase

CSR worked with an interdisciplinary team and consultants from the Police Executive Research Forum (PERF) to plan and budget research activities needed for an evaluation of the new police policy on immigration enforcment in Prince William County VA. The project to be carried out over a two year period involves both quantitative and qualititive research activities. The planning phase culminated in the award of a contract from PWC for the main phase of the project.

Children's Futures - P/PV Trenton

Telephone survey of parents of young children (ages 0 - 5) in the city of Trenton NJ. As part of a long-term evaluation of the Childrens Futures early child intervention program the survey asks parents about the challenges they face in raising young children and their access to various forms of assistance._x000D_The sample came from the following: _x000D_
1) list of participants in program _x000D_
2) list of those prescreened & eligible to participate _x000D_
3) directory listed sample _x000D_
4) listed sample targeted for young families; and _x000D_
5) cell phone sample which was inefficient in pretest therefore deemed unusable for main production _x000D_
Incentive gift cards worth $10 at Walmart and were purchased by the client but sent by mail to respondents by CSR.

PWC Cell Phone Pilot

This pilot project was a supplement to the 2007 Prince William County Citizen Satisfaction. It was designed to determine the feasibility and efficacy of conducting citizen satisfaction survey via cell-phone in Prince William County. Two small experiences were embedded dealing with survey length and cash incentives. Overall the results support our recommendations to Prince William County Board of Supervisors that the annual citizen satisfaction survey should include cell-phone samples in 2008.

UVA Program Council Student Survey

CSR provided questionnaire review for the University Programs Council's Spring 2008 web survey a needs assessment instrument for community building through activities programs for U.Va. Students. The survey has been conducted in previous years; CSR provided advice on survey design and question framing for the 2007-8 survey.

Social Norming Study - UVA 2008

The Social Norms Study is about the Health Promotion Alcohol Survey which is developed by the Office of Health Promotion in the Department of Student Health in order to collect information on alcohol use perceptions behaviors and attitudes among University of Virginia students. By collecting normative information annually the program is able to continue a social norms campaign that is relevant to UVa undergraduates. The data is also used to study the effectiveness of the social norms approach. Every year the Center for Survey Research (CSR) advises the office in sampling design and weight the final collected data for analysis purposes.

REACH Low Income Health Choices Project

CSR advised on and formatted the questionnaire developed and hosted an online signup database and entered data for the REACH project study wherein low income participants engage in several rounds of hypothetical group decisions regarding health choices and trade-offs.
Project ID Title Principal Investigators
5.015 York County Youth Commission Tom Guterbock
5.014 International Neuropsychological Society (INS)/ ILC Tom Guterbock
5.013 Tobacco Vendors David Hartman
5.012 Darden 2nd Year 2005 Tom Guterbock
5.011 DMV Wait-Time Timing Study Tom Guterbock
5.010 Arlington Early Childhood Tom Guterbock
5.009 VITA (Consulting) David Hartman
5.008 NW3C Survey of white Collar Crime Tom Guterbock
5.007 Survey of Attitudes on Critical Infrastructure Protection Vulnerability and Public Confidence Tom Guterbock
5.006 Albemarle DSS David Hartman
5.005 Anthem/TEACH Survey of Health Information Preferences Tom Guterbock
5.004 American Medical Student Association (AMSA) 2005 - 2 Tom Guterbock
5.003 American Medical Student Association (AMSA) 2005 - 1 Tom Guterbock
5.002 Fairfax County Nonprofit Tom Guterbock
5.001 Innovative Surgery II Tom Guterbock
4.022 PWC - Leverage Analysis 2004 Tom Guterbock
4.021 Faculty and TA Perspectives on Student Use of Alcohol and Drugs Tom Guterbock & Susan Bruce
4.020 PWC Citizen Satisfaction 2005 Tom Guterbock
4.019 Stafford County Employee Satisfaction 2004 David Hartman
4.018 Empathy - School of Medicine (SOM) Tom Guterbock & Julie Connelly
4.015 Spotsylvania County Citizen Satisfaction 2004 Tom Guterbock
4.012 RCC Citizen Satisfaction Survey Tom Guterbock
4.011 Substance Abuse (Recovery Groups Survey) Tom Guterbock
4.010 ASAP Community Survey Development Tom Guterbock
4.009 PWC PPP Counter Customer Survey Tom Guterbock
4.007 DMV Transaction Timing 2004 Tom Guterbock
4.006 American Medical Student Association (AMSA) IV Tom Guterbock
4.005 Darden Second Year 2004 Tom Guterbock
4.004 Darden First Year 2004 Tom Guterbock
4.003 American Medical Student Association (AMSA) III Tom Guterbock
4.002 PWC Citizen Satisfaction 2004 Tom Guterbock
4.001 LGOC Tom Guterbock & Kate Wood
3.999 Community Engagement of Older Americans Tom Guterbock
3.025 Engineering Expertise Tom Guterbock
3.024 Race & Anxiety Tom Guterbock
3.021 Albemarle County Citizen Satisfaction 2004 Tom Guterbock
3.020 Rockville Employee Robin Bebel
3.019 Community Shielding in the National Capitol Region Tom Guterbock
3.018 DMV Customer Satisfaction 2003 Tom Guterbock
3.017 Pilot Study for the National Survey of the Mining Population (NIOSH) Tom Guterbock & David Hartman
3.016 American Medical Student Association (AMSA) II Tom Guterbock
3.014 Ethical Practices Among Nurse Practitioners and Social Workers Tom Guterbock
3.013 Financial Conflicts of Interest Tom Guterbock
3.012 PWC Employee Satisfaction 2003 Tom Guterbock
3.011 ETS Non-AP Teachers Tom Guterbock
3.010 Darden Second Year 2003 Tom Guterbock
3.009 Darden First Year 2003 Tom Guterbock
3.008 Organizational Integrity Survey Margaret Cording
3.007 Health Behavior Survey Consult Tom Guterbock
3.006 Reston Consult Tom Guterbock