What kinds of projects are done at CSR?

CSR has conducted a wide range of projects. We have worked on behalf of academic researchers, government agencies, private foundations, businesses, and non-profit organizations.

CSR is experienced with an array of contact modes:

  • Telephone interviewing (with WinCATI)
  • Mail-out survey and contact services
  • Web-based data collection
  • In-person interviewing

CSR has recently purchased Quatlrics which allows for the creation and implementation of sophisticated, user friendly online surveys. Qualtrics can be used to schedule both reminder and thank-you emails based on completion of the survey.

What services does CSR provide?
CSR is a full-service research facility. We offer customized project design, professional interviewing, and data collection using the latest survey technologies, as well as data analysis and report preparation.

How much does it cost to do a survey?
CSR's rates are competitive with other academic and commercial survey organizations. Project costs can vary widely depending on factors such as the scope of services you require, the survey methodology used, the number of respondents, the nature of the sample, etc. Costs can range anywhere from $5,000 to $150,000. So while typical projects have been in the $20,000 to $50,000 range, we have also done smaller and larger projects. We invite you to contact one of our senior staff to discuss the scope of your project and factors that govern cost.

What's the best way to collect data for my project?
CSR can advise you on the most productive and cost-effective method for collecting your data: telephone, mail, electronically, or in-person. CSR ensures scientific validity of your study by helping specify procedures for selecting respondents within households, securing cooperation, and following up incomplete interviews or questionnaires.

Who writes the questions for my survey?
CSR can write the question for you or can assist you in writing your own. We will help you determine the best question formats to measure people's opinions, experiences, attitudes, and behaviors. We can advise you on the proper sequencing of items, a critical design feature for maintaining objectivity and ensuring that respondents understand your questions.

Can I get a copy of one of your old reports?
Most are available for a nominal fee. Contact Ila Crawford for details and specific costs.

Custom Project Design

We will help you clarify your study objectives and advise you on how to get the most research value from available resources.

Data Collection

We specialize in the use of Computer-Assisted Telephone Interviewing and Personal Interviewing.

How We Collect Useful Data

CSR prepares statistical analyses and reports of survey results ranging from simple tabulations to authoritative, in-depth narrative reports.


Search Completed Projects

LC Horse Owners Survey

This is a mail and web survey of owners of equines quartered in Loudoun County (VA). A mail packet was sent to owners of 2,672 properties in the county meeting requirements for quartering horses. Email invitations were sent to 502 members of three equine groups, in cooperation with the administrators of those organizations. Three other equine groups emailed their 645 collective members independently. Additional respondents were referred to a public-facing web survey by flyer, survey referral card distribution, media releases and word of mouth among the equine community. There were 1,543 usable responses to the equine owners survey. Results were used to estimate the number of equines and the economic impact of the equine industry in Loudoun County.
Area of Survey Study

Culpeper Schools Youth Behavior Survey Analysis

An anonymous, web-based survey of all students in grades 7 to 12, enrolled in Culpeper County Public Schools (Culpeper, VA). The questionnaire was based in part on the CDC`s Youth Risk Behavior Survey, with additional, custom questions. CSR hosted the survey, eliminated bad cases, analyzed results and delivered a full narrative report to the School Board. Result will be used to improve interventions and decrease risks for students.
Area of Survey Study

Franklin & Marshall College Trustees Survey 2016

Members of the Board of Trustees at Franklin & Marshall College were sent links to a Qualtrics questionnaire asking them to evaluate the performance of President Daniel R. Porterfield. In its structure and purpose, the survey was very similar to a prior edition that was administered to the same population in 2013. The response rate was 100% and a confidential report of results was sent to the Board.
Area of Survey Study

UVa Facilities Management Customer Survey

Online survey administered to customers of UVA Facilities Management services. This survey is conducted annually (since 2013) by UVA Facilities Management, who contracted with CSR to perform the analysis and reporting.
Area of Survey Study

ORB International 7-country project 2017

After data were collected by local vendors on behalf of ORB International, CSR applied base weights and post-stratification weights (using iterative rim weighting, also known as raking methods) to results from each country. Final, weighted data files were delivered to ORB, for delivery to the project sponsor. CSR also worked with ORB in completing the methods reports for each country, which included calculating design effects.
Area of Survey Study

UVa SCPS Military Outreach: Interviews with ESOs

SCPS was interested in learning more about needs of service members who would be potential students in a new, military-oriented degree completion program at UVa. Educational Service Officers were interviewed in depth to learn about particular requirements, procedures and student needs for this population. ESO`s also were asked about learning goals and program preferences of military students pursuing college degrees. CSR gathered detailed responses from 8 officers representing all branches of the service. Results were compiled into an internal report which SCPS is using for program development and planning.
Area of Survey Study

Foothills Forum--Rappahannock Survey

On behalf of local non-profit citizens organization Foothills Forum, CSR conducted a mail survey of residents of Rappahanock County, VA. Survey packets were mailed to every household in the county, and 1,362 were completed. The survey focused on needed services and on development issues, and received extensive coverage in the local press.
Area of Survey Study

Uva Sexual Assault Place and Time Survey

CSR worked with a group of MS students in UVAs Data Science program who planned to sruvey UVa students about recent sexual assualts. They planned to create maps showng the time and location of assaults, to identify `hot spots` for this type of crime. CSR advised on the draft survey instrument. Due to security an privacy concerns, no survey was conducted. Instead, students obtained de-identified crime reports from the Charlottesville Police and analyzed seasonal, time and location trends and created heat maps of the crime occurrences at different times of year.
Area of Survey Study

Fairfax County NCS Customer Satisfaction

Fairfax County Neighborhood and Community Services (NCS) wanted to gather information on Customer Satisfaction for five different centers/services. These included Human Services Transportation (HST), Senior Centers (SC), Community Centers, Teen Centers, and Technology Centers. CSR reviewed and edited questionnaires, ran mail and web surveys for HST and SC, entered data gathered by NSC for the other centers, and provided data tables for 799 total respondents and a methods report.
Area of Survey Study
Project Name Area of Study Survey By Mail Survey By Phone Survey By Web Survey In Person Year
Roanoke County Schools; 2001 Parent & Citizen Survey Local Government No Yes No No 2000
Reston Community Center Citizen Survey Local Government No Yes No No 2001
Crescent Hall Resident Survey Health-related No No No Yes 2010
Class Poll 2012 Educational Research No Yes No No 2012
The 1989 Virginia Poll Nationwide, statewide and regional No Yes No No 1989
Survey of Evangelical Relief and Development Agencies Nationwide, statewide and regional No Yes No No 1992
South Boston Town Status Study Local Government No No No No 1992
Charlottesville City Budget Priorities Study Local Government No Yes No No 1993
Susquehanna Region Labor Force Study Local Government No Yes No No 1995
Region 10 Behavioral Risk Factors Survey Health-related No Yes No No 1995
Rockingham - Harrisonburg Health Survey Health-related No No No No 1996
Virginia Gubernatorial Pre-Election Poll Individual Research No No No No 1997
Class Poll (Campaign Conduct) Individual Research No Yes No No 1998
Darden 1st Year Educational Research No No No No 2002
Northern Shenandoah Valley Regional Workforce Survey 2003 Nationwide, statewide and regional No Yes No No 2003
Race & Anxiety Individual Research No No No Yes 2003
Tobacco Vendors Nationwide, statewide and regional No Yes No No 2005
Strayer VYTP Smoking Cessation Health-related Yes No No No 2005
Reston Community Center Local Government No Yes No No 2007
PWC Police evaluation on immigration enforcement - Design Phase Local Government No No No Yes 2007