Laura Baird

Photo of Laura Baird
Research Assistant

Laura Baird is a Research Assistant at the Center for Survey Research. 

Where are you from?

Bracey, Virginia. It's a little town on Lake Gaston. 

What brought you to the Cooper Center? 

While I was a student in the Curry School of Education, where I recently received my master’s degree, I got an email about the Center for Survey Research and how it was looking for research assistants. Since my concentration at Curry was in research and statistics, I thought the position would be the perfect opportunity for me. I applied and, now, here I am!

What is something you are passionate about?

I love going to the gym and playing sports of all kinds. I also enjoy teaching and training others in athletics. 

Where is the next place you would like to travel?

In June, I will be traveling with my family to Aruba. I will also be going to Cancun in August with my family!

What is your most unusual talent?

I’m ambidextrous! I usually use my left hand for writing, batting, and eating. I use my right hand for pretty much everything else. However, sometimes when I’m bored during class I will switch the hand that I am taking notes with!

Who is your hero or inspiration?

My niece. She was born with muscular dystrophy and is unable to walk. Consequently, she faces many difficulties in her life. She won’t ever be able to play sports or be healthy in that sense. It is harder for her to travel. Someone even has to take her to the bathroom. Nonetheless, she doesn’t think anything of the fact that she’s physically disabled and looks at life in a positive light. She ultimately makes me more grateful that I can walk and appreciative of the other things I can do that not everyone is physically capable of.

What is one food you could eat for the rest of your life?

Steamed artichokes.

What is your favorite memory at the Cooper Center?

Overall, I’ve greatly enjoyed being involved in a lot of projects and getting to meet and work with a variety of people with different talents and specializations.

What does public service mean to you?

Doing beyond what just benefits yourself and helping out those around you in order to better the community.