Survey of high school seniors and their decisions about going to college. Initial survey in the fall interviewed parents as well as students before applications were due. Respondents had the choice of responding on the web or by mail. Parents had to actively consent before students could be contacted. A Valentine's Day postcard was sent to students to keep an active line of communication open. Advance letters and emails were sent directly to students for the Spring questionnaires. Students were guided to the web version as easier and quicker. Most chose to use this method. Initial mailing was to 1100 parents and kids and with follow up responding students in Spring 08. Incentives of $20 for the Fall surveys $25 for the Spring survey awith an advance of $2 with the questionnaire itself. 623 students finished both questionnaires.
Mailing to 1100 parents and kids and follow up on students in Spring 08
Principal Investigators
Tom Guterbock
Client Name
Sarah Turner
Spencer Foundation
Project ID