This is a mail survey with telephone follow-up to 413 healthcare organizations about the care of adults with autism. The current increase in the diagnosis of children with autism spectrum disorders is anticipated to create an increase in the number of adults with autism spectrum disorders. Are healthcare agencies anticipating this increase? What are they doing to prepare for it? What do they see as barriers to their own preparation efforts or to those that might be undertaken generally? Three lists were used for sampling Medicaid waiver service providers (n=327) sheltered employment (ESOs n=47) and DRS field offices (n=39). There were 141 responses for a response rate of 34.1%. Results were tabulated and summarized in a bulleted document. Tables and the bullet summary were delivered to the sponsor. No written report was done. A PowerPoint presentation was created later for use by John Toscano.
List of service providers in VA compiled by VIA.
Principal Investigators
James Ellis
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John Toscano
Virginia Institute of Autism Charlottesville VA
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