Rappahanock-Rapidan (PD9) Regional Labor Force Survey

The survey's purpose is to supplement information available from Census 2000 and other official sources with more detailed and current information regarding the region's labor force with special emphasis on the characteristics of those who commute long distances to work outside the region. The survey was conducted by telephone in late March and early April of 2003. CSR completed 1408 interviews with residents of the five counties that make up the region Culpeper Fauquier Madison Orange and Rappahannock. Each respondent was asked a series of questions about the general characteristics of the household as well as questions about their employment status work and training experience and commuting behavior. The respondents also acted as "informants" and were asked many of the same questions about other household members who were of working age. The strategy allowed us to capture data on a total of 2 691 persons age 16 and over of whom 1 703 were full or part-time workers.
A random sample of 4812 directory-listed households in Culpeper Fauquier Madison Orange and Rappahonnock Counties 1408 completed interviews.
Principal Investigators
Tom Guterbock
Rappahannock-Rapidan Regional Partnership and Regional Commission
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