DCR Outdoors Survey 2017

CSR conducted a statewide survey contacting a probability sample of 14 000 addresses by mail. Households were invited to participate by paper or web. Experiments with mail-forward or web-forward protocols and white or brown outgoing envelopes were conducted. The sample was stratified to represent 17 planning districts. The survey was offered in English and Spanish. There were 3 252 completed surveys. A companion "crowd-sourced" survey was conducted garnering 2 389 responses. The demographics of the respondents and patterns of response differed across the sample and the crowd-sourced datasets.
Address-based sample disproportionately stratified by 17 Planning District Councils or equivalents yielding 3252 usable responses. Companion "crowd-sourced" survey by web yielding 2389 responses.
Survey Type
Nationwide Statewide Regional
Principal Investigators
James Ellis & Tom Guterbock
Project Coordinator
Kara Fitzgibbon
Client Name
Janit Llewellyn Allen
Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation
Project ID
Completed surveys via mail