Survey of Surgical Disease in Rwanda

SOSAS (Surgeons Overseas Assessment of Surgical need) is a survey developed by Surgons Overseas an international non-profit organization to assess the unmet surgical needs in developing countries. The instrument was developed by an international team of surgeons and public health experts with input from CSR. It was pretested in Sierra Leone and CSR helped with analysis of the pretest results. CSR developed the sampling plan for the study. In-person interviews were conducted across Rwanda with 3 175 individuals (maximum of 2 persons per household) to determine if they suffered from any untreated surgical conditions at present or in the past. The sample design used about 50 clusters (villages) stratified across the countries districts and regions. Interviews were conducted by medical students from the University of Rwanda under the direction of Robin Petroze Fellow in the UVa Department of Surgery. Data collection in Rwanda was conducted by the investigators using their own i-Pad based program of the instrument. CSR assisted in instrument development received and cleaned the collected data and conducted extensive analyses to support a number of presentations and publications of the results.
Sample of approximately 3000 adults in 50 village clusters in Rwanda.
Principal Investigators
Tom Guterbock
Client Name
James Forrest Calland MD
Uva Dept of Surgery Surgeons Overseas (SOS)
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