Loudoun County Public Schools

CSR worked with LCPS to design and conduct web and postal surveys of Loudoun County Public School employees and web and take-home surveys of LCPS parents. There were 4 516 completed surveys. The survey covered attitudes and priorities regarding school funding issues to assist LCPS staff and stakeholders to discuss upcoming budget issues.
Large samples of parents (8000/36726 unduplicated households) and employees (4000/8702). Employees selected in a simple random sample. Parents selected in a disproportionate sample stratified by email status and school attended by oldest child.
Principal Investigators
James Ellis
Client Name
Wayde Byard (Wayde.Byard@loudoun.k12.va.us) Bent Ferrell (Bent.Ferrell@loudoun.k12.va.us)
Loudoun County Public Schools
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