Virginia Horse Industry Board

The 2010 Virginia Horse Industry Survey was conducted during the summer of 2010 by the Center for Survey Research (CSR) in cooperation with the Center for Economics and Policy Studies (CEPS) and the Virginia Horse Industry Board. The data collection for the project consisted of two phases. First CSR visited twelve equine events of different types and solicited attendees to fill out surveys with their estimated expenditures and related data for that event. There were 809 completed questionnaires in this "attendee survey." Second CSR randomly selected 150 equine events for the "sponsor survey" portion of the project. CSR mailed questionnaires to the 113 unique sponsors of these 150 events. The sponsor survey questionnaire asked for information about attendance revenues and expenditures for the selected events. Information was collected for 42 events.
Intercept studies at 12 events sampled from 1099 events 809 completed surveys. Mail surveys to 113 sponsors of 150 randomly selected events from 952 events held Jan-Sep 2010 responses covered 42 events.
Principal Investigators
James Ellis
Client Name
Terry Rephann
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