Office of the City Attorney, City of Charlottesville

City of Charlottesville -- Cable Service

Gathered evaluative information on the services of Adelphia Cable Company as part of the City of Charlottesville`s cable television review process. A telephone survey of Charlottesville residents, of whom 73% subscribed to cable, were asked about satisfaction with various aspects of their cable television service. Non-subscribers were asked for reasons they do not subscribe to cable. A series of questions focused on the public, educational, and governmental channels. A separate survey was conducted to solicit comments and satisfaction ratings from users of the local public access cable television production facilities provided by the City through resources provided by the cable operator. In this survey of organizations and individual video producers, respondents were identified and recruited by phone, sent the semi-structured instruments by e-mail, and asked to return the completed form to CSR by fax, mail, or email.
Area of Survey Study