What kinds of projects are done at CSR?

CSR has conducted a wide range of projects. We have worked on behalf of academic researchers, government agencies, private foundations, businesses, and non-profit organizations.

CSR is experienced with an array of contact modes:

  • Telephone interviewing (with WinCATI)
  • Mail-out survey and contact services
  • Web-based data collection
  • In-person interviewing

CSR has recently purchased Quatlrics which allows for the creation and implementation of sophisticated, user friendly online surveys. Qualtrics can be used to schedule both reminder and thank-you emails based on completion of the survey.

What services does CSR provide?
CSR is a full-service research facility. We offer customized project design, professional interviewing, and data collection using the latest survey technologies, as well as data analysis and report preparation.

How much does it cost to do a survey?
CSR's rates are competitive with other academic and commercial survey organizations. Project costs can vary widely depending on factors such as the scope of services you require, the survey methodology used, the number of respondents, the nature of the sample, etc. Costs can range anywhere from $5,000 to $150,000. So while typical projects have been in the $20,000 to $50,000 range, we have also done smaller and larger projects. We invite you to contact one of our senior staff to discuss the scope of your project and factors that govern cost.

What's the best way to collect data for my project?
CSR can advise you on the most productive and cost-effective method for collecting your data: telephone, mail, electronically, or in-person. CSR ensures scientific validity of your study by helping specify procedures for selecting respondents within households, securing cooperation, and following up incomplete interviews or questionnaires.

Who writes the questions for my survey?
CSR can write the question for you or can assist you in writing your own. We will help you determine the best question formats to measure people's opinions, experiences, attitudes, and behaviors. We can advise you on the proper sequencing of items, a critical design feature for maintaining objectivity and ensuring that respondents understand your questions.

Can I get a copy of one of your old reports?
Most are available for a nominal fee. Contact Ila Crawford for details and specific costs.

Custom Project Design

We will help you clarify your study objectives and advise you on how to get the most research value from available resources.

Data Collection

We specialize in the use of Computer-Assisted Telephone Interviewing and Personal Interviewing.

How We Collect Useful Data

CSR prepares statistical analyses and reports of survey results ranging from simple tabulations to authoritative, in-depth narrative reports.


Search Completed Projects

Breast Cancer Doctor-Patient Concurrence

The purpose of the study was to explore the level of agreement between physicians nurses and breast cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy regarding the goal of the chemotherapy. The study was conducted through self-administered surveys with physicians nurses and patients.

Virginia Institute of Autism (VIA) - Service Providers

This is a mail survey with telephone follow-up to 413 healthcare organizations about the care of adults with autism. The current increase in the diagnosis of children with autism spectrum disorders is anticipated to create an increase in the number of adults with autism spectrum disorders. Are healthcare agencies anticipating this increase? What are they doing to prepare for it? What do they see as barriers to their own preparation efforts or to those that might be undertaken generally? Three lists were used for sampling: Medicaid waiver service providers (n=327) sheltered employment (ESOs n=47) and DRS field offices (n=39). There were 141 responses for a response rate of 34.1%. Results were tabulated and summarized in a bulleted document. Tables and the bullet summary were delivered to the sponsor. No written report was done. A PowerPoint presentation was created later for use by John Toscano.

Center for Politics Message Testing

With support of a grant from the UVA Center for Politics and cooperation from AAPOR and YouGov/Polimetrix CSR conducted an experiment to determine if respondent experience could be improved by changing the design of political message testing polls. The nationwide internet survey fielded by YouGov asked about a generic congressional race and included negative and some positive statements about each party's performance in Congress. Treatments varied in the balance of statements the way they were introduced and the test question wording. Better design significantly improved respondent experience. Results presented at AAPOR disseminated to political consultants and published in MRA' Alert magazine.

Fairfax County Department of Family Services

The Fairfax County Department of Family Services survey is a client satisfaction survey. The survey was a self-administered paper survey that was mailed to clients' home addresses. The survey was maled to a random sample of 3500 clients. All questionnaires were made available in English as well as five other languages. This was the second survey conducted for the Fairfax County Department of Family Services.

Environmental Triggers for Asthma in Adults and Children

A re-sample survey of those reporting symptoms that could indicate asthma from the records of participants in Southern Health insurance plan. Sample for this arm of the project were non-responders to previous mail-out done by Southern Health. Out of the 1000 adults and 300 children total of 563 completed the survey which makes the resposne rate to be 43% for this survey.

Virginia HPV Vaccine Uptake Survey

This project was initiated by Jennifer Young M.D. in response to a mandate passed by the State of Virginia requiring girls to be vaccinated against HPV prior to entry into the sixth grade starting in October 2008. This will in effect exclude women ages 16-26 from required vaccination. The purpose of the survey was to learn how women ages 16-26 are receiving the HPV vaccine and what barriers to vaccination exist for women in this age group.

Interquest Multi-function Printers

This project conducted on behalf of INTERQUEST a consulting firm specialized in the digital printing market was about a study on the usage of multifunction systems—integrated copier/printer/scanner devices—in the office environment. Interquest studies trends in the industry and makes recommendations to Manufacturers and users through their industry publications.

UVa Investment Management

The Uva Investment Management Company commissioned CSR to conduct a survey of all full-time employees. The questionnaire was modeled on other organizational surveys previously conducted by CSR using the organization's mission statement and values. The survey was conducted on the web. The client was provided with tables reporting overall frequencies and means as well as a breakdown of means by directors and non-directors.

Spotsylvania County citizen satisfaction survey 2007

This survey was designed to determine residents’ opinions about quality of life in Spotsylvania County to determine residents’ level of satisfaction with a number of services the County provides and to measure citizen opinion about the way in which the County is managing growth and development. Of particular interest were the importance ratings of various planning goals and safety and characteristics of the County.

Williamsburg Access to Medical Care

A survey of residents of Williamsburg VA and surrounding counties targeted on those residing in medically underserved areas. A combination of telephone and in-person methods of contact was used. The survey measures the extent to which people are experiencing problems in accessing phsyician services and whether certain types of people are more likely to experience problems with the goal of identifying major issues and challenges to improving physician access.

HR Restructuring Survey 06

In July 2006 Virginia approved the Restructured Higher Education Financial and Administrative Operations Act which gives state universities freedom to control areas such as personnel management. The Human Resources Staff of both universities collaborated closely with CSR to construct a common questionnaire to respond to this action. The purpose of this project was to conduct a comprehensive survey of the supervisors and staff of Virginia Tech and the University of Virginia to assess their attitudes toward human resources policies. The results of the survey were used to guide the restructuring process of the institutions’ human resources practices. The principle mode was internet with telephone reminders and some paper completions.

Durham 2007

Phone survey replicates a 2003 study of interethnic relations conducted in Durham NC. This study was conducted in 3 Southern cities: Durham NC; Memphis TN; and Little Rock AR. The study asks whites African-Americans and Hispanics about their interractions with and attitudes toward those of another race.

Winchester Area Labor Force Study

The 2006 Northern Shenandoah Valley Regional Workforce Study Survey was conducted at the request of the Winchester/Frederick County Economic Development Commission. The survey’s purpose is to supplement information available from Census 2000 and other official sources with more detailed and current information regarding the region’s labor force so that the Commission will be better prepared for the future. The survey emphasizes the characteristics of those residents who might be interested in alternative or additional employment or who commute long distances to work outside the region
Project ID Title Principal Investigators
1997.013 Evaluation Survey Design for Family Preservation Services Steven Nock & Tom Guterbock
1997.012 The Undergraduate Alumni Survey Tom Guterbock
1997.011 Long-term Effects of Participation in Community Service Learning Programs Nancy Gansneder
1997.009 Survey of Paper Machine Oil Buyers Tom Guterbock
1997.007 Evaluation of a Media Campaign on Fatherhood Tom Guterbock
1997.006 Prince William County Citizen Satisfaction Survey Tom Guterbock
1997.005 University of Virginia Athletic Interest Survey Kate Wood
1997.003 Darden Alliance Tom Guterbock
1997.001 UVA ITC Customer Satisfaction Survey Tom Guterbock
1996.026 National Study of Hospices & Hospice Volunteerism Carolyn Engelhard
1996.025 Snapshot Tom Guterbock
1996.024 Survey of Medical Student's Computer Usage Tom Guterbock
1996.023 UVA Heart Center; Post-discharge Interviews Charles Denk
1996.022 NCAA Initial Eligibility Clearing House Study Steven Nock
1996.020 Rockingham - Harrisonburg Health Survey Tom Guterbock
1996.019 Charlottesville-Albemarle Election Poll Tom Guterbock
1996.017 AARP Survey of Community Involvement
1996.016 Charlottesville-Albemarle Airport Usage Study--1996 Tom Guterbock
1996.015 National Survey of Paint Equipment Sales Tom Guterbock
1996.014 Program Effectiveness Survey - Banc One Jeannie Liedtka
1996.013 Fatherhood Seed Grant; Development of Virginia Parenting Questionnaire Steven Nock
1996.011 Location Preferences of Lynchburg Area Homebuyers William Lucy
1996.008 UVA Computer Science Fourth Year Exit Survey Tom Guterbock
1996.007 Survey of Military Personnel Banking Needs Tom Guterbock
1996.006 Faculty Survey on the University Library 1996
1996.004 Evaluation of a Media Campaign on Fatherhood Tom Guterbock
1996.003 Prince William County Citizen Satisfaction Survey
1996.002 Community of Interest in Eastern Virginia
1996.001 UVA ITC Computer User Satisfaction Survey Tom Guterbock
1995.031 Computers and Society Class Poll Tom Guterbock
1995.030 Computerization of the BASS-1 Instrument Jack McArdie
1995.029 Longitudinal Study of Gifted and Talented Teaching and Learning Carolyn Callahan
1995.028 Supply Chain Management Survey
1995.027 Alcott Masters Thesis
1995.025 Upward Bound Consulting Project
1995.024 Clinch Valley College Student Satisfaction Survey
1995.023 25th Senate District Election Poll--1995
1995.022 Charlottesville-Albemarle Airport Usage Study--1995 Tom Guterbock
1995.021 Environmental Negotiation Survey
1995.020 Survey of Intellectual Property Issues Tom Guterbock
1995.019 Survey on Strategic Alliances and Partnerships in Business Tom Guterbock
1995.018 Women's Basketball Fan Survey
1995.016 Land Use Taxation Analysis
1995.013 Survey of Community Health Centers Tom Guterbock
1995.012 Survey of Black Churches Tom Guterbock
1995.011 Capital Campaign Prospects Survey Tom Guterbock
1995.010 Region 10 Behavioral Risk Factors Survey Tom Guterbock
1995.009 Primary Care Patient Satisfaction Survey Charles Denk
1995.008 Survey of Owners' Satisfaction with Tulikivi Soapstone Fireplaces Tom Guterbock
1995.007 Prince William County Citizen Satisfaction Survey