Funded by NIH P30 NCI Supplement. Survey of University of Virginia Cancer Center's catchment area to capture residents' health behaviors, cancer knowledge and attitudes, and demographic characteristics. Study design combined probability and non-probability sampling techniques and collected responses by mail, web, phone, and in- person efforts across catchment region.
Mixed-probability sampling. Probability sample included mail-out to ABS of 2,767 households, as well as cell-phone calling to RDD and smart cell samples. Study employed adaptive sampling design with second phase of cell phone calling targeted to underrepresented groups in survey response. Non-probability efforts included in-person outreach by community health educators and online social media recruitment.
Survey Mode
Phone, Mail, Web, In-person
Principal Investigators
Tom Guterbock
Project Coordinator
Kara Fitzgibbon
Client Name
Roger Anderson
University of Virginia Cancer Center
Project ID