Fairfax County Neighborhood and Community Services (NCS) commissioned CSR to conduct their annual Customer Satisfaction Survey for five centers/services: 1) Human Services Transportation (HST), 2) Senior Centers (SC), 3) Community Centers , 4) Teen Centers, and 5) Technology Centers. CSR conducted the data collection for HST and SC, which was administered by mail and web. Fairfax NCS collected data for CC, Teen, and Tech Centers.
Sample was drawn from five sources. CSR drew simple random samples of 500 Human Services Transportation customers and 500 Senior Center customers from a population frame provided by client. 465 in-person surveys were collected by NCS county staff for customers of Community Centers, Teen Centers, and Technology Centers. County staff were instructed to collect a certain number of questionnaires based on center size and to sample from a diverse range of ages, genders, and races/ethnicities.
Survey Mode
Mail, Web, In-person
Principal Investigators
Kara Fitzgibbon
Project Coordinator
Andrea Negrete
Client Name
Kristen Lasich
Fairfax County Neighborhood and Community Services Customer Satisfaction Surveys
Project ID