Children's Futures - P/PV Trenton

Telephone survey of parents of young children (ages 0 - 5) in the city of Trenton NJ. As part of a long-term evaluation of the Childrens Futures early child intervention program the survey asks parents about the challenges they face in raising young children and their access to various forms of assistance. The sample came from the following
1) list of participants in program
2) list of those prescreened & eligible to participate
3) directory listed sample
4) listed sample targeted for young families and
5) cell phone sample which was inefficient in pretest therefore deemed unusable for main production

Incentive gift cards worth $10 at Walmart and were purchased by the client but sent by mail to respondents by CSR.
Participant list enhanced listed sample plain listed sample cell phone sample. Target N = 600.
Principal Investigators
Tom Guterbock
Client Name
Tina Kauh PPV Philadelphia
Private/Public Partnerships Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
Project ID