This was a mail survey of a random sample of 1 329 physicians in the U.S. and Canada stratified by country and physician type (general practitioner or specialist). The survey asked physicians about opinions about the direction of the profession in general aids and hindrances to practicing medicine time spent on various activities as a percentage of the typical day impacts of insurance companies and governments patient relationships perceived support from various types of organizations opinions about physician advocacy opinions about pharmaceutical companies and demographics. The protocol included an advance letter a survey packet with a $2 U.S. Jefferson bill for U.S. physicians or a $2 Canadian coin (“toonie”) as a token of appreciation a generic thank-you/reminder post card a second survey packet sent by two-day Priority Mail to nonrespondents a second thank-you/reminder post card to nonrespondents and telephone reminder calls to nonrespondents. The unweighted AAPOR RR3 response rate was 25.9% (26.7% U.S. 23.8% Canadian).
Sample to be obtained from Larry Baade at MMS 615 general practitioner physicians in the US 310 specialist physicians in the US 265 general practitioner physicians in Canada 135 specialist physicians in Canada -- 1325 total selected.
Principal Investigators
Robin Bebel
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Eugene Ebron
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