Evaluation of a Media Campaign on Fatherhood

In connection with a Virginia statewide media campaign launched in Spring 1996 CSR conducted an evaluation of media impact using a pre-post panel design. An initial RDD sample of 505 was evenly split between fathers and other adults. The telephone instrument measured importance of fatherhood knowledge of facts about fatherhood perceived impact of father absence media exposure a scale of attitudes on parental roles and simple measures of parent involvement. Re-interviews were attempted with all Wave I respondents in August 1996 resulting in a panel retention of 80 percent. Simultaneously 200 "post-only" interviews were conducted with a new sample.
Wave I 505 Spring 1996 Wave II 398 Fall 1996 Post-only 196 Fall 1996
Principal Investigators
Tom Guterbock
Division of Child and Adolescent Health Virginia Department of Health
Project ID