Survey of Substance Abuse in Anesthesiology Training Programs

Elite interviews with chairs of all U.S. residency programs in anesthesiology. This five-year longitudinal study focused on substance abuse and chemical dependence among resident and attending physicians department-level variation in drug education intervention and operating room security and the professional rehabilitation of chemically dependent physicians. The survey combined mail and telephone interview instruments to maximize confidentiality and used special graphical calendars to pinpoint the timing of key events in identification treatment and rehabilitation histories. The first year of the study collected data over a five-year retrospective period (1986-1991) succeeding years constitute a prospective study of newly identified and rehabilitation cases.
census of 155 residency programs annually achieving approximately 90% coverage each year.
Principal Investigators
Charles Denk
American Society of Anesthesiologists Committee on Occupational Health and Safety of Operating Room Personnel
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