Education Abroad Evaluation - Spring 2012

Following the recommendation of the UVa Education Abroad Outcomes Task Force the International Studies Office asked CSR to assist with an evaluation of the impact of its programs on students’ cultural awareness. The survey items were based on a conceptual framework developed by the task force. A web-based instrument tested during J-Term 2011 was used pre- and post-program and items were added in Summer 2011 to measure program characteristics and student experiences. Postal and e-mail reminders were used to encourage response. CSR’s analysis of results from Spring term 2012 was delivered to the International Studies Office. Completions for pre-study travel totaled 223 post travel results were collected for 200.
293 students who traveled abroad through the Spring 2012 programs arranged by the International Studies
Principal Investigators
Tom Guterbock
Client Name
Marina Markot
Project ID