CSR's Survey Operations Manager, Sean Johnson, has been awarded the 2022 Tarnai Scholarship by the Association of Academic Survey Research Organization (AASRO). This award recognizes early-career researchers who show great promise for long-term involvement in and contributions to the field of survey research.

Sean has been a valued team member at CSR since he was first hired as a phone interviewer before transitioning to a research analyst while he was finishing his undergraduate degree. Since graduation, Sean was hired as a Survey Operations Manager and quickly stepped into the role and took leadership on several complex survey projects, managing a team of interviewers and tirelessly working to make the calling experience more positive and accessible for interviewers and respondents alike. Additionally, Sean has been an integral part to CSR’s behind-the-scenes technical operations, continuing to develop and hone his technical skills to efficiently track, monitor, and manage survey projects, from end to end. Sean is an integral part of the CSR team.