DEI Integral to CSR Work

Over the past few years, CSR has made a concerted effort to support diversity, equity, and inclusion in and through the work we carry out. As part of that effort, CSR established an internal DEI working group, whose mission is to develop and sustain practices that uphold inclusivity, diversity, and equity within CSR’s work in relation to respondents, clients, and staff.

The working group develops and hosts staff workshops on DEI-related themes in the context of survey research. Past workshop topics have included intersectionality, gender and sex terminology, and measuring and reporting on race and ethnicity. The development of this working group has helped CSR proactively address DEI-related needs both within our organization and through our research practices. Additionally, CSR staff have served and continue to serve on multiple equity-focused committees within the University of Virginia and as part of national professional organizations, including the American Association for Public Opinion Research (AAPOR) and the Association of Academic Survey Research Organizations (AASRO). 

CSR Team in a meeting

Kara Fitzgibbon, CSR Director

"CSR is committed to maintaining active engagement with DEI efforts to ensure our staff remain informed on the most up-to-date and inclusive practices in designing and implementing surveys. CSR prioritizes these practices both to uphold accurate measurement and data quality and to ensure an inclusive and respectful experience for all of our respondents. Whether specifically in the context of a climate survey, a health-related survey, or a more general community survey, CSR is equipped to provide recommendations to clients on best practices regarding questionnaire content, question wording, and handling of data and reporting."


If you are interested in learning more about CSR’s DEI efforts or have questions on best practices, you may contact Kara Fitzgibbon at