Our full-time staffing includes, in addition to the Director, an Academic Director, a Survey Operations Manager, and a Fiscal Technician. Augmenting this core staff are several part-time programmers/analysts, a part-time project coordinator, a part-time Senior Research Analyst, part-time CATI Lab shift supervisors, interviewers, and office interns.

Research and Management

Part-time research analyst positions are available. This is a great job for graduate students from any department with a background in statistical analysis. SPSS-users (with syntax) preferred. We hire part-time research analysts, programmers, and project assistants year-round as needed (must be proficient with Microsoft Office), but especially at the start of each semester. Get your resume on file with us as soon as you can!

Telephone Interviewer

Telephone interviewing starting pay is $10.20 for beginning interviewers and $11.20 for Spanish-English bilingual interviewers. Depending upon whether a prospective employee is a UVA student (you are eligible for hire immediately directly through CSR) or is seeking employment from outside the University (you need to apply via UVA Temps), select the appropriate link below for your procedural details.

There is a two-shift minimum per week, with each shift consisting of at least three hours. Shifts run from Monday to Friday (5:30PM-9PM) and two additional shifts Sunday (1PM-5PM and 5PM-9PM).

We are unable to hire full-time UVA employees as we cannot pay dual employment for this position.