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In preparation for the 55th reunion of the Yale Class of 1965, our class leaders and the Yale Class of 1970 have jointly asked CSR to help with designing and administering a scientific survey of the two classes. We’ve done our best to make the survey questionnaire interesting and fun to fill out.  We’ll send an email report to all classmates with aggregate results for the two classes in April. We'll also discuss the findings at our 55th on a joint Yale 65/70 panel, as well as on the Yale '65 website. 

Please complete the on-line survey by clicking here.

If the above link does not work you can copy/paste the following link into your browser:

Anonymity. Participation, while highly encouraged, is entirely voluntary and the results will be kept completely anonymous. Your responses will never be identified with you. We will only report aggregated information, such as counts, percentages, averages, etc.  Jim Conroy, ’70 has volunteered to conduct the data analysis for both the classes of ’65 and ’70, so he will see the survey data. CSR and Jim Conroy will keep the collected survey data strictly confidential so that nobody else can access the file to try to identify any individual based on their anonymous answers.

Re-starting the survey: We estimate that the questionnaire takes about 25 minutes to complete, and you can complete it in more than one sitting. Whether or not you look back fondly at your time at Yale (we know not all of us do), we think you’ll find this to be time well spent.  If you lose your connection or need to take a break, just log in again from the same device and you will be able to pick up where you left off.  (Note that this feature of the survey uses ‘cookies' so that the software can recognize your device when you re-start. If you have set your browser to not accept cookies, then this feature will not work and you'll need to do the survey in one sitting.)

Letting us know you’re done. At the end of the survey, you’ll be transferred to an entirely separate on-line survey form by means of which you can let us know that you’ve completed the survey (thus avoiding further reminders).

Questions: If you have any questions about the survey, please don’t hesitate to contact Tom Guterbock (Silliman ’69) at tomg@virginia.edu or 434-243-5223. If you experience any technical difficulties while completing the survey, or if you wish to update your contact information, please contact our Survey Operations Manager, Sean Johnson, at smj3ms@virginia.edu or 434-243-5229.And if you really don’t want to complete the questionnaire, you can click here to opt out.

There are no risks or benefits to your participation. To obtain more information about the study, ask questions about the research procedures, express concerns about your participation, or report illness, injury or other problems, please contact: 
Tonya R. Moon, Ph.D.
Chair, Institutional Review Board for the Social and Behavioral Sciences
One Morton Dr Suite 500 
University of Virginia, P.O. Box 800392
Charlottesville, VA 22908-0392
Telephone: 434-924-5999
Email: irbsbshelp@virginia.edu
Website: https://research.virginia.edu/irb-sbs
Website for Research Participants: https://research.virginia.edu/research-participants

Reference UVA IRB-SBS #3519